Kids Commute - Young Voices Week! Thursday

Oct 12, 2017

Kids Commute Episode 28 - Young Voices Week: "Pigogo," a traditional Zulu song sung by the Children of Agape Choir.

This week on Kids’ Commute, we are celebrating young voices from around the world! 

The music throughout the week will feature children’s choirs singing songs from different cultures and in different languages.

Today, we'll hear a beautiful Zulu love song performed by the Children of Agape Choir of South Africa.

Thursday, October 12, 2017, Ep. 28
Children of Agape Choir of South Africa


Here's today's Kids Commute:


The peacock is called "pigogo" in the Zulu language

Today, we’ll hear a beautiful song performed by the Children of Agape Choir. The word “Agape” means “unconditional love.” The kids in the choir have an amazing life story, told in a movie called, “We Are Together.” They all come from the same orphanage in South Africa, and their music helps them to raise money for their home, as well as to help other children in need. You can read more about the choir HERE.

The song today is,  the traditional Zulu song, “Pigogo,” or, “The Peacock Song.”  “Pigogo” means “Peacock” in the Zulu language. It’s a love song that compares a beautiful girl named Thuli, to a peacock, a beautiful bird. 

The words are:
"uMangi hamba nawe Thuli, ubizwa iPigogo."
Translated into English, this means: 
“When I walk with you, Thuli, they call you a peacock.” 

Can you hear the singers making a whooping sound that imitates the peacock’s song?

Music piece for today:
“Pigogo” by the Children of Agape Choir of South Africa

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