Michigan Food & Agriculture
9:52 am
Mon March 30, 2015

Syrup producers eager to tap into Michigan's maples

Pictured from left to right: Grant Woods, Bobbi Woods, and Joe Woods
Credit Daniel Wanschura

When Joe and Bobbi Woods bought a 40-acre parcel in Rapid City, they weren't thinking about starting a maple syrup farm. They planned to grow hay.

What started out with a just few buckets 20 years ago, has now grown into a nearly 600-gallon maple syrup operation annually. It’s a family operation for the Woods. During syrup season, their son Grant usually helps out, checking to make sure the sap flows freely through the line system.

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Classical Music
9:40 am
Mon March 30, 2015

Kids' Commute: spring break

Kids' Commute is on spring break!

Kids' Commute is on spring break this week!

If you still need your daily fix, this would be a great week to check out our archived episodes.

Hope you enjoy your time off school, and we'll talk to you next week. 

Hasta semana próxima!

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Dark Sky Park
8:13 am
Mon March 30, 2015

The Lunar Eclipse as the cosmic call to destiny

Under the light of an Eclipsed Spring Moon, Judas seals his betrayal.

Is there a change on the Earth when there's an Eclipse of the Moon?

On Saturday this week, April 4, 2015, there will be a Total Eclipse of the Moon, starting at 6 am (Note that for the eastern part of North America, the Moon will set before eclipse achieves totality). If we look at this eclipse through the cultural history of humanity, we can find that there are different things that go on when this first Full Moon of Spring is eclipsed. This is because, in many cultural traditions, Spring is regarded as the beginning of the spiritual new year. Looking into the celestial world to find the relationship between Sun and Moon and Earth every Spring was the way to find the 'cosmic call to destiny' for the coming year. Now in the Jewish tradition, the Spring Full Moon marks the observance and celebration of the festival of the Passover. Traditions connected with this festival have included the observance of a curfew, so that people were in the practice of not going out at night, or specifically, of not going out into the light of the Moon. When we get to the Christian tradition, we find in the New Testament description of the Last Supper, which is a Passover meal, that Judas Isacriot goes out into the night after this meal. More specifically, he goes into the influence of the Moon,or into an eclipsing Moon, which is quite a bit different than any of the other Spring Moons. Because of this, there is a tradition of not going out into the light of the Spring Moon when it is being eclipsed, and instead to spend time in prayer and fasting. If we look into the region of the stars where we find the Sun at this time, We find that the planet Uranus is in the same field of stars. Uranus was the first planet in the history of humanity that was discovered with the use of a telescope, which means it brought something new to human experience. Because of this, Uranus has always been regarded as a herald of change. With a Total Eclipse of the Spring Moon, and the planet Uranus in the same region of the zodiac as the Sun, there certainly seems to be change on our horizon. Partial Lunar Eclipse begins at 6:16 am Saturday, April 4, 2015.Then the Sun will rise in the East at 7:19 am.While the Moon is in the beginning stages of Eclipse, it will set in the West at 7:24 amTotal Eclipse starts at 7:58 am (this will not be visible in our region)Greatest Eclipse will be at 8 am, and will last for only three minutes, until 8:03 amPartial Eclipse ends at 9:45 am

Radio Collage
11:50 pm
Sun March 29, 2015

Radio Collage: While the young folk are away....

Sunny Zhou and Jade Fung in IPR's Studio A
Credit Tim Burke

  Students at Interlochen Arts Academy have been enjoying a spring break, but left us plenty of things to listen to while they're gone.  We've got a poem by  Creative Writer Mickayla Noel,  a piano four- hands version of a Dvorak Slavonic Dance by Jade Fung and Sunny Zhou and Singer-Songwriter Allison Sidell performs her song "Bones.  We'll also hear from the Academy Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, and Band.  While we're at it,  a quick trip to the audio vault for some Debussy...just for good measure!

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Labor shortage
7:56 pm
Sun March 29, 2015

As labor market tightens, tattooed workers gain acceptance

Ram Lee is owner of Traverse City Tattoo.
Credit Aaron Selbig

Have you ever walked into a business and been served by someone with a tattoo on their neck or hands? Did it shock you? Shock or not, tattooed workers are becoming more and more common.

And business owners say that’s at least partly due to a tight labor market.

Frances Holmes is human resources director for Blarney Castle Oil, which runs more than 90 convenience stores all over northern Michigan. Many of the stores are located in seasonal, resort communities.

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