Northern Michigan Arts & Culture

Northern Michigan is a place with incredible natural beauty and varied landscapes. It is also home to Interlochen Center for the Arts and several other longstanding cultural institutions. Little wonder the region has been so attractive to artists and musicians of all types. Here we bring you those stories. 

Welcome to Episode 24 of Show Tunes with Kate Botello! Coming up - theatre is murder - we’ll hear from some musical whodunits. We’ll hear a couple of more songs from this year’s Tony-nominated shows, and at Intermission - talk about a few mysterious Tony snubs. In Act Two, grab a rose to throw between your teeth, because tonight… we tango.  

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Dave Miles, a curator at the Charlevoix Historical Society, stands by a new fishing industry display. It's part of a new exhibit focusing on the history of business and industry in Charlevoix.
Dan Wanschura

When Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon in 1969, a little bit of Charlevoix was with him. 

Charlevoix made it to the moon in the form of a very tiny, lightweight chrome and nickel thread. The thread was manufactured by a Charlevoix company named Hoskins, and was used in the Apollo Space Program space suits.

That's the kind of historical link that might not be well known, but something that a new exhibit at the Charlevoix Historical Society seeks to make known.

From Russia with rockin' love for Detroit

May 24, 2016

In recent years, Detroit hasn't just inspired local artists. It's also inspired artists across the world. Russian rocker Vladislav Yermachenko, drummer for a Kazakhstan-based Russian rock band Polygon, has been inspired by the city since childhood when his father gave him a book on the world’s automotive industry. After seeing pictures of Motor City-made cars, he fell in love with Detroit. He's now a journalist for automotive magazines.

But cars aren’t the only thing that has inspired Yermachenko. Detroit’s resilience in the face of struggle inspired him to write Polygon’s song, “Winners in This Life.” His love for cars and resilient nature show in his lyrics. 

Welcome to Episode 23 of Show Tunes with Kate Botello! Coming up- a salute to Mr. Broadway, George M. Cohan. And  - for the first time in Tony history, five shows are up for Best Musical this year. We’ll hear from three of them. At Intermission, our friend Bill Church suffers for his art. In Act Two, we’ll get play dress- up with Little Edie, an Egyptian princess, and a comic legend.


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The Mad Angler, himself, Mike Delp will read from his new collection of poems, Lying in the River’s Dark Bed: The Confluence of the Deadman Poems and the Mad Angler Poems.

Petoskey-based writer Stewert James will be here to talk about his trilogy of political thrillers set in northwestern Michigan.

Fleda Brown will provide a commentary on American poet Amy Gerstler.