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7:21 pm
Tue October 14, 2014

Can Detroit automakers win in the cooling Chinese market?

Global automakers look to China to rev up their global sales, but growth in China's car sales slowed again in September. 

According to The Detroit Free Press, sales in passenger vehicles in China rose 6.4% in September from a year earlier, slowing from 8% in August and 13.9% in May. 

John McElroy is an auto analyst and host of the Autoline Daily webcast. He says the numbers are direct indicators of the economic health of the Chinese economy, which seems to be cooling down.

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Commercial Compost
10:18 am
Thu October 9, 2014

Stench angers neighbors of new business near Mesick

A photograph taken by Barb Braley this summer.

The owners of a large compost pile near Mesick promised to move their commercial composting pile after meeting with irate neighbors on Saturday.

The compost pile is a relatively new operation. Opened early this summer, Northern Composting accepts food waste from Traverse City restaurants, the National Cherry Festival, fast food restaurants and a number of other sources.            

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Michigan Business & Economy
10:18 am
Thu October 2, 2014

Grand Traverse Industries won't lay off workers with disabilities

A group of workers with disabilities will get to keep their jobs in Traverse City – for now. Grand Traverse Industries plans to pay the salaries of up to 20 workers out of their own pocket – instead of laying them off.

Funding for those workers used to come from the state – but was eliminated during the expansion of Medicaid.

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5:56 pm
Tue September 30, 2014

Can Detroit automakers deliver on big promises for their luxury brands?

Will Cadillac become a global luxury brand on a par with Germany's Big Three?


These are challenging times for the executives who run the luxury brands at General Motors and Ford.

Lincoln has been on wobbly legs for years, and Cadillac is lagging behind the competition, especially the German luxury competition.

Detroit News Business columnist Daniel Howes has been following the Michigan automakers' struggle with the luxury business. He says these companies have largely failed to get luxury buyers to take their products seriously. 

"Lincoln has failed for a long time, in a large part because Ford was not willing to spend the money to make Lincoln differentiated enough. A lot of people will tell you today that Cadillac has got the best product, but the problem is the sales are not producing," says Howes.

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5:10 pm
Fri September 26, 2014

Fire in Chicago disrupts air travel in Traverse City

Credit Cherry Capital Airport

Airlines canceled nearly half of all flights in and out of Traverse City on Friday. That's after a fire broke out in an air traffic control center near Chicago.

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