Live from IPR's Studio A

IPR hosts Interlochen students and faculty, guest performers and talent from across northern Michigan for live performances in our very own Studio A. Enjoy these performances anytime!


Live from Studio A
2:12 pm
Thu July 3, 2014

Cool Strings: Brooklyn Rider

String Quartet Brooklyn Rider performs Live in IPR's Studio A

Brooklyn Rider takes the idea of the string quartet to a new level.  Already champions of new music and fresh approaches, the Brooklyn, NY-based group stretch the boundaries of the classic quartet, adding unusual instruments and other forms of art to the mix.  In their Studio A session, they treated us to terrific, high-energy performances of, "Doina Oltului," a Roma-inspired piece, and, "Ascending Bird," originally arranged for quartet and Persian Fiddle (kamancheh).

String Quartet Brooklyn Rider performs, "Doina Oltului," and, "Ascending Bird," Live in IPR's Studio A

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Live from Studio A
2:00 pm
Tue June 17, 2014

Elegant Tuba: Carol Jantsch

Ellen Sommer-Bottorf, accompanist (left) and Carol Jantsch (right), performed "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun" Live in Studio A.

Carol Jantsch is known for elevating tuba playing to performance art (she's performed Flight of the Bumblebee in full bee suit and advertised her first tuba CD with a rap video). She is also the first woman to hold a Principal Tuba Chair among major orchestras in the United States (in this case, the Philadelphia Orchestra). Jantsch is at Interlochen this week, teaching the Tuba and Trombone Institute.

Jantsch says she thinks of herself as a musician first, and a tuba player second, and she's interested in playing pieces not originally intended for the tuba.  She visited Studio A with accompanist Ellen Sommer-Bottorf and performed a wonderful rendition of Debussy's, Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun.  If you think the tuba is nothing more than a background instrument that goes oom-pa-pa - you're in for an elegant surprise.

Carol Jantsch, Principal Tuba of the Philadelphia Orchestra, performs Debussy's "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun," Live from IPR's Studio A. Joining her: accompanist Ellen Sommer-Bottorff.

Live from Studio A
2:22 pm
Mon June 16, 2014

French Horn: William VerMeulen

Houston Symphony Principal French Horn, William VerMeulen, visits Studio A. (Bill's on the right, at left, his accompanist, Victor Cayres.)

William VerMeulen has had a life full of connections to Interlochen.  His mother came here to attend Music Camp and play the cello in the 1940's, and later, was a participant in our Adult Chamber Music Camp.  He attended Interlochen as a Camper, and then later, as an Academy Student.  He even worked in food service in the cafeteria, and eventually spent three years as an Academy Horn Instructor.  "I've done," he says, " everything you could do at Interlochen, and now to be back is a thrill."

William VerMeulen, Principal Horn of the Houston Symphony Orchestra, returns to IAA this week to lead the French Horn Institute. He performs Michael Conway Baker's, "Remembrances," for French Horn and Piano, Live in Studio A.

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Live from Studio A
1:28 pm
Fri May 30, 2014

Canticum Novum - Live in Studio A

NMC Choral Ensemble, "Canticum Novum." Director: Jeffrey Cobb, Piano: Peggy Johnson

NMC Choir Director Jeffrey Cobb brought the Canticum Novum ensemble by Studio A for a sneak preview of the group's upcoming concert series.  The twenty-four singers, with pianist Peggy Johnson, performed a warm, spicy and modern tango, "Noche de Lluvia," by Sid Robinovitch.  They then followed up with a jazzified slice of Americana in an arrangement of, "Country Dances," by Ward Swingle.

NMC's Canticum Novum vocal ensemble, led by Jeffrey Cobb, with piano by Peggy Johnson, perform live in Studio A. Pieces: "Noche de Lluvia," by Sid Robinovitch, and "Country Dances," in an arrangement by Ward Swingle.

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Live from Studio A
1:52 pm
Tue May 20, 2014

Jeremy Laureta - Live from Studio A

Renee Skerik (L), Viola Instructor at Interlochen Arts Academy, makes sure student Jeremy Laureta is on his game in Studio A.

Jeremy Laureta, Interlochen Senior and Viola major, dropped by Studio A to perform a selection from his recent Senior Recital.  Jeremy performed the balcony scene from Prokofiev's, "Romeo and Juliet." Susan Snyder provided piano accompaniment as Viola professor Renee Skerik listened proudly in the wings. We wish Jeremy all the best as he moves on to his next phase at the Manhattan School of Music!  


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