Live from IPR's Studio A

IPR hosts Interlochen students and faculty, guest performers and talent from across northern Michigan for live performances in our very own Studio A. Enjoy these performances anytime!


Live from Studio A
8:00 am
Sat August 16, 2014

Enso circles back!

The Enso String Quartet
Credit Tim Burke

  The Enso String Quartet has returned to the Interlochen Adult Chamber Music Camp as guest artists-in-residence.  The ensemble’s name is derived from the Japanese Zen painting of the circle, which represents many things: perfection and imperfection, the moment of chaos that is creation, the emptiness of the void, the endless circle of life, and the fullness of the spirit. In addition to teaching during the  camp, Enso gives three recitals over the course of six days.  Still, they found time to drop by IPR's Studio A to perform excerpts from Five Pieces for String Quartet by Erwin Schulhoff.

Three movements from "Five Pieces for String Quartet" by Erwin Schulhoff

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Live from Studio A
8:00 am
Thu August 14, 2014

Four guitars, one great sound!

Luke Sunderland, Ria Modak, Leonela Alejandro and Grace Elmer in IPR's Studio A

  This summer, the Interlochen Arts Camp was once again filled with young artists, actors, writers, dancers, and, oh yes, musicians! Among them, a guitar quartet who paid a visit to IPR's Studio A.  Leonela Alejandro, Ria Modak, Grace Elmer and Luke Sunderland performed Kalimba by Jurg Kindle. For this performance, some of them put cloth under the strings near the guitar bridge to imitate the sound of the kalimba, also known as the "thumb piano".

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Live from Studio A
11:27 am
Fri July 18, 2014

Traditional Spiritual, New Twist: The Cavani String Quartet

The Cavani Quartet in Studio A


The Cavani String Quartet came to the Interlochen Arts Camp this summer to work with the advanced string quartet program.  While they were on campus, they stopped by IPR's Studio A for a live performance. Here's an excerpt from Midnight Child by Charles G. Washington.  It's based on the spiritual Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child , and mixes some of the music that Washington heard as he grew up: Gospel, Blues and Swing.

Excerpt from "Midnight Child" by Charles G. Washington

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Live from Studio A
3:09 pm
Mon July 14, 2014

Made-Up Musical: Live in Studio A

The cast of Broadway's Next Hit Musical - Rebecca Vigil, Eric March, Rob Schiffman and Rob Gordon (with IPR's Kate Botello).

The cast of Broadway's Next Hit Musical was on Interlochen's campus for a show, and brought us a real treat - our first ever entirely improvised Live from Studio A session! Cast members Rebecca Vigil, Rob Schiffman, Rob Grant and Eric March gave us a performance to remember.

Eric, Rebecca, Rob and Rob were great sports, and performed for us at what had to be an ungodly  hour of the morning for them. Since I was the only live person in the audience (a perk of hosting in Studio A!), I got to choose the song title (yay!).   At the end of the interview, please enjoy, "It's Early, and I'm In Love."

After the jump, learn more about BNHM and  hear a BONUS TRACK! - the cast dedicates an ode to IPR Studio A engineer, Brock Morman.

The cast of, "Broadway's Next Hit Musical" chat with Kate Botello and improvise the song, "It's Early, and I'm In Love."

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Live from Studio A
2:27 pm
Tue July 8, 2014

Violin Virtuosity: Stanislav Pronin

Violinist Stanislav Pronin paid a return visit to IPR's Studio A.

Violinist Stanislav Pronin paid a return visit to IPR's Studio A and gave a live performance of Nathan Milstein's challenging, "Paganiniana."  We asked Pronin what attracted him to Nathan Milstein's arrangement of works by Paganini. His answer? "It's just fun to play."

It's also a lot of fun to hear!

Violinist Stanislav Pronin performs of Nathan Milstein's, "Paganiniana," Live in IPR's Studio A.

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