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National Writers Series: An evening with Hampton Sides

18 hours ago

On this program from the National Writers Series, Hampton Sides explains why he's drawn to war. Sides is the author of "Ghost Soldiers, which tells the story of how U.S. soldiers rescued POWs from a Japanese prison camp in World War II. His latest book is called "In the Kingdom of Ice." It recounts the polar voyage of the USS Jeannette and the crew's battle for survival.

A gesture to astonish the world

18 hours ago

This week the constellation of the herdsman is setting, the hunter is rising, and the Moon will cascade down a stairway of morning planets like Cinderella come to the ball.

Wine grape harvest may be at all-time low this year

Sep 30, 2015
Peter Payette

It’s harvest time for wine grapes. But after one of the worst growing seasons in northern Michigan, there aren’t many grapes to make into wine.

Duke Elsner, the small fruit educator for Michigan State University extension, says, "It’s really the worst season we’ve ever seen since the mid-70’s when they started growing wine grapes in northern Michigan."

He says the extreme cold winter wiped out about 50 percent of the grape buds. Then roughly 50 percent of remaining buds were damaged in a late spring frost in May.

Radio Diaries: Telling Tails

Sep 30, 2015

My cat’s tail is more expressive than anything she could say in words—if she used words.  But why waste language when you can silently signal your moods and needs with an elegant plume of fur?

If you live with a cat, you figure out pretty quickly that high is happy; low is not.  And when Rosie sits on the windowsill with her tail whipping back and forth, I know a robin has hopped into view.

Encountering a strange cat outdoors, Rosie puffs up her skinny gray tail into a huge bushy warning.  How does she do that?  She’s not telling.

Peter Payette

One of the phrases sometimes used to describe what is great about life Up North is “small town character.” What that means is a little vague, but the real estate market generally proves it is valuable: homes in many villages and cities up here are worth more every year.

Acme Township is a rural community that has no village. In fact, it is not much of a destination at all, unless you are going to the Grand Traverse Resort. Acme is mostly farmland with a few businesses along US-31 and M-72 and, of course, that glass tower reaching 17 stories into the sky.

Jeff Henley says it’s too bad people think of Acme as a gateway to Traverse City.

“Why can’t we make Acme a place to stop?” he wonders. “Instead of having to go through a gateway to get to something. Maybe you’re already there. Just look around.”