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Benzie County
2:24 pm
Tue September 2, 2014

Kelli Stapleton pleads guilty to lesser charge

A photo of Issy and Kelli Stapleton from Kelli's blog, The Status Woe
Credit The Status Woe / The Status Woe

The Benzie County woman accused of attempting to murder her autistic teenage daughter has pleaded guilty to first degree child abuse.

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Golden Age of Radio
1:13 pm
Tue September 2, 2014

Veteran continues romance begun in World War II

The Golden Age of Radio marked the beginning of a new era when people could experience history as it happened, instead of waiting the next day for the newspaper. One of the reasons World War II casts such a large shadow is because radio could bring the war into peoples’ homes.

Bob Jackson probably knows this better than anyone. He learned to fix radios during the war, and 50 years later he is still fixing them at his home in Traverse City. Chris Haddlesey visited and prepared this report.

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6:01 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

Judge disqualifies himself from Gomery case

Credit David Cassleman

Judge Thomas Power has disqualified himself from the Clarence Gomery trial.

David Cassleman speaks with Linda Stephan about the motion hearing.

Gomery – a former prosecutor for Leelanau County – is accused of trying to hire someone in July to kill attorney Christopher Cooke.

Judge Power made the decision at a motion hearing on Friday afternoon. Gomery's attorney filed the motion asking for a new judge because of Power's past involvement in a civil suit between Gomery and Cooke.

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Diocese of Gaylord
7:41 am
Fri August 29, 2014

Pioneer priest invoked at Bishop Raica's installation

Frederic Baraga

When a new pope is chosen for the Roman Catholic Church, he takes on a new name to indicate the kind of leader he plans to be.

That is not the case with bishops, but at Steven Raica's installation this week in Gaylord, a pioneer priest in Michigan was frequently invoked as a source of inspiration for the new bishop.

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Michigan Healthcare
5:34 pm
Thu August 28, 2014

Northern Michigan agency looks to help mentally ill smokers quit

15,500 cigarette butts displayed in an old aquarium by the Traverse Bay Area Tobacco Coalition. Nurse Lisa Danto says this represents one person's habit on two packs a day for a year.
Credit Linda Stephan

Have you ever noticed there are certain places where smokers seem to congregate? How about mental health agencies? People with mental illness are far more likely to smoke than the rest of the population.

Part of the problem is that smoking has been seen as therapeutic for people with anxiety or schizophrenia. But advocates in northern Michigan say the short-term calming effects of nicotine hardly outweigh the long-term consequences of smoking. They say it’s time to help a vulnerable population quit.

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