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Pugsley prison in Kingsley will close

1 hour ago

Today, the Michigan Department of Corrections announced that Pugsley Correctional Facility in Kingsley is scheduled to close in September. The low security prison employs 230 people.

State Sen. Wayne Schmidt (R-Traverse City) says the loss of 230 jobs is "a huge negative for Grand Traverse County."

He says it’s not only bad news for employees at Pugsley and their families, it’s bad for businesses.

Where do the constellations come from?

9 hours ago

Have you ever looked into the night sky and wondered what the ancients were thinking when they identified patterns that look nothing like what they are named for?

There are thousands of stars visible to the naked eye and human beings have spent thousands of years reaching toward these stars for a better understanding of life on earth.  Through all of this there are only 88 officially recognized constellations in the sky, 48 of which are holdovers from ancient times. But who made them up, and why?

Westwoods welcomes Interlochen students as school closes

May 26, 2016
Morgan Springer

Two elementary schools in Traverse City are closing. The board at Traverse City Area Public Schools made that decision a few months ago. Parents were torn up about it, but now the kids are dealing with the reality of having to find a new school. Around 70 students from Interlochen Community School, one of the schools that’s closing, visited Westwoods Elementary School last week to get to know their future school.


Radio Diaries: Serving Your Country

May 25, 2016

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in December of 1941 my father signed up—knowing he’d be called up—and served with the Navy on an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific.  Dad never talked much about the hardships—about the kamikaze pilots that targeted his ship, about the crash landings of our own planes, about preparations for an invasion of Japan.

Instead he talked about discovering macadamia nuts in Hawaii, about fooling the censors when he wrote my mother that they were heading to the Elysian Fields.  This Greek term for paradise meant he was coming home.

Peter Payette


Northwestern Michigan College will combine the humanities and social science departments into a single department. The reorganization will mean the elimination of one academic chair position and an office manager.

NMC is trying to eliminate a $1.9 million gap in the coming fiscal year.

Vice President Steven Siciliano said the change would not reduce any humanities programs.

“It is simply an administrative change in order to find some economies for the sake of the budget,” he said.