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Students rehearse during marching band camp at Interlochen last week.
John Roddy

High school football kicks off this weekend and with it marching band season. 

Some high schoolers spent last week getting ready for the band season at band camp hosted by Interlochen Center for the Arts.

Amy Wang was in marching band in high school and college. She’s been helping out as a color guard instructor for about 10 years.

One of her favorite things about band camp, is seeing the progression of the students.

“It’s pretty amazing what they can do in one week,” she says. 

Amy says anybody wanting to be in the color guard should be prepared to work hard, have lots of spirit, but to remember to enjoy the moment.

Not only do they have to memorize all the music and choreography, but they have to perform in all sorts of weather conditions- all while carrying and playing their instruments. 


Radio Diaries: Until I Get There

Aug 26, 2015

My husband holds the canoe steady as I climb in.  Then he takes his place in the stern and we push off into the river.  The paddle feels light and graceful in my hands as I dip, pull, lift, twist with ease.  I can do this all day.

For the first hour, paddling seems effortless and I watch the scenery going by—the steep sandy bluffs topped with white pines, a tangle of cedar trees close to the water, leaning out.

By hour two, I feel some aching in my low back but when I cross my legs a different way, it disappears.  Then I cross them another way and another.

Brian Kay

A decision to remove the word “fighting” from the football stadium at Petoskey High School has some parents up in arms. A slogan over Curtis Field used to say “home of the fighting Northmen” but the word “fighting” was painted over this weekend.

Senator Gary Peters says he's still "weighing all the issues" on President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran. Congress is expected to vote on the agreement early in September, when lawmakers return from summer recess.

“This will probably be one of the most serious votes that I will make no matter how long I’m in the United States Senate," Peters said in an interview last week with Interlochen Public Radio.

Peters also took time to discuss the controversial oil pipeline that crosses the Straits of Mackinac.

“I am not satisfied that it’s safe," Peters said.  "I’m very concerned about it. Quite frankly I don’t even believe that it probably should be in the Straits."

Dorian Gray, the Moon, and Neptune

Aug 24, 2015

All week the Moon will grow brighter and brighter until it arrives at the last Full phase of summer on Saturday, when it will occupy the same region of the zodiac as the planet Neptune. Neptune is not visible to the naked eye, but its reputation as a planet of illusion and confusion sets up a mood of mystery and deep storytelling for the weekend. All month long we see the Moon waxing and waning through the sky.