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The sun is not a lonely morning star

11 hours ago

  In his 19th century treatise on natural living, Henry David Thoreau wrote: "The Sun is but a morning star," but if he were composing these lines right now, it would have been hard for him to overlook the other 'goddesses of dawn' this week.

I'm Mary Stewart Adams. This is the "Storyteller's Guide to the Night Sky."

Bill Marsh Auto Group has withdrawn its support from United Way. The decision was made after company leaders discovered United Way of Northwest Michigan provides funds to Planned Parenthood in Traverse City.

Bill Marsh Jr., a partner of the family-run auto group, says the decision was made based on his family’s values and was in no way an attempt to make a political statement. 

Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District

The Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District plans to give out fewer dollars this year to local schools, like Traverse City Area Public Schools, for special education.

This funding is extra money for schools, drawn from the Intermediate School District's fund balance – and doesn't affect the many services provided to school districts by the ISD.

But Paul Soma, superintendent of Traverse City Area Public Schools, says the ISD is not giving enough money to local schools.

He says the ISD is sitting on tens of million of dollars, which should be spent on special education classrooms.

"Our fundamental issue is that those dollars are not serving the needs of the children of our region while they're sitting in a bank account of the ISD," says Soma.

Radio Diaries: Holding My Cufss

Nov 25, 2015

I pull on my jacket and notice how I automatically hold the cuffs of my shirt so the sleeves don’t scrunch up.  I’ve been doing this forever and haven’t a clue who taught me or when.

Suddenly I’m aware of so many things that someone taught me as part of growing up:  Tying my shoes, buttoning a button, zipping a zipper, holding a pencil.  Each task required some patient adult—willing to help an impatient child.

Willing to keep encouraging me to try and try again—those myriad adults—most of whom I cannot recall and probably never thanked.

The Cornucopia star: this week on The Night Sky

Nov 23, 2015

We all know that as a civic tradition, Thanksgiving originated as a way to show gratitude for the bounty that was shared with the early Europeans when they traveled to this strange new land~but did you know that the cornucopia, or horn of plenty that is used to decorate this season is actually connected to the stars, not just to national history?

The cornucopia star is Capella, the first magnitude star in the constellation Auriga.  You can find Capella high in the northeast about 8:30 each night this week, unmistakable because it’s the brightest star in that region of the sky.