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Dark Sky Park
11:38 am
Thu August 21, 2014


Credit August 2014 evening sky excerpted from Michigan State University Abrams Planetarium Sky Calendar, info available here:

Hello, this is Mary Stewart Adams with “The Storyteller’s Guide to the Night Sky”. 

This week looking southwest an hour after sunset, the planets Mars and Saturn can be seen near the brightest, or ‘alpha’ star in the constellation Libra, the scales. This star’s name is “Zubenelgenubi”, from the Arabic, and it means the “southern tray of the scales”.  

With Mars and Saturn in the region of the southern scale, we can imagine that the two planets are literally ‘hanging in the balance’ this week. 

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Northern Michigan
5:52 pm
Tue August 19, 2014

Kalkaska judge overturns 1996 murder conviction

Jamie Peterson (third from left) in Kalkaska County Court last month. File photo.
Credit Tom Carr

A judge has overturned the conviction of a man serving life in prison for the 1996 rape and murder of a Kalkaska woman.

The prosecutor must now decide whether Jamie Peterson will be re-tried or set free.

In the original trial, prosecutors had DNA evidence they said could be Peterson’s. New technology and better testing has proven that’s not the case.

Now, the judge says Peterson’s guilt is in question.

Defense lawyer Caitlin Plummer says he will remain behind bars for now.

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Northern Michigan Elections & Government
5:26 pm
Tue August 19, 2014

Plan to revamp Hickory Hills Ski Area moves forward

Credit Hickory Hills Multi-Season Recreation Master Plan

Traverse City has approved a plan that could bring millions of dollars in upgrades to Hickory Hills Ski Area.

The City Commission adopted the master plan on Monday. Planners say the investment would make the park more financially stable by attracting more guests.

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Tourism & Recreation
4:51 pm
Fri August 15, 2014

City of Cadillac expands free bike program

Credit City of Cadillac

A free bike rental program in Cadillac was expanded this summer. Today the city is loaning out 30 bicycles at two locations. The original location remains at Mitchell State Park. The city has added a second rental location across Lake Cadillac at the downtown After 26 Café.

Mayor Carla Filkins says the program, called Bike Cadillac, is designed to encourage more visitors and residents to use the area’s bike trails.

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Mary Stewart Adams
7:05 am
Fri August 15, 2014

Venus and Jupiter: An Ancient Rivalry

Venus and Jupiter stir and ancient rivalry in the morning sky this week, especially Monday, August 18

Hello, this is Mary Stewart Adams with “The Storyteller’s Guide to the Night Sky.”

The two brightest objects in our sky after Sun and Moon are the planets Venus and Jupiter, and this week they make a spectacularly close approach to one another in the morning sky.

On Monday morning, August 18, looking east about an hour before sunrise, Venus and Jupiter will make the closest planet-to-planet conjunction of the year.

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