Kids Commute

Join Classical IPR's Kate Botello each weekday morning at about 7:40 as she picks stories and sounds from the Classical world your children will love. She wants to inspire your family with the love of Classical music.

Here's the basic idea - it's likely you're listening to Classical IPR in the car while driving your kids to school. If so, they're what we like to call the, "captive audience." Kate selects music for their education and (hopefully!) enjoyment.

On the Kids Commute, we explore Classical music by different themes - we've studied Composers A to Z, Classical music from around the world, music about animals - everything you can think of! We've explored ballets, their stories, and the music that goes along with them ("Sleeping Beauty," and "Cinderella," for instance), along with time-honored classics like Sergei Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf."

Join us weekday mornings for the Kids Commute - no Kid or Commute required!

Kate loves to hear from kids. Send her feedback, or make a request.

Hear your kids' voices on the Kids Commute. Find out how.