Arts at Interlochen

Located in northwest Michigan, Interlochen Center for the Arts offers arts education programs for students in grades 3-12 and adults of all ages. Interlochen also hosts hundreds of concerts and events and is the parent organization of our two award-winning public radio stations.

Find the stories and sounds of Interlochen below, or click here for recordings of Interlochen student performances.

You can also see more student work through the Interlochen Olio project. 


Classical Music
3:15 pm
Thu November 20, 2014

DSO performs original work by Music Director Leonard Slatkin

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Music Director Leonard Slatkin.
Credit Donald Dietz / Detroit Symphony Orchestra

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra celebrates a first this weekend: It will perform an original piece by its very own music director, Grammy-winner Leonard Slatkin.  

"The subtitle is concertino grosso, so already one can sense that there's humor in this: a concertino usually being thought of as being a small concerto, and grosso meaning large," he says.

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Radio Collage
2:33 pm
Wed November 19, 2014

Familiar music with a twist

The S.M.T.S. Quartet performs music of Brahms in IPR's Studio A

Radio Collage airs this weekend (Saturday at 8:06am, and Sunday at 7pm). Among the works on the program, this familiar Hungarian Dance by Brahms performed by the S.M.T.S clarinet quartet.

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Arts at Interlochen
1:23 pm
Mon November 17, 2014

How does a Mozart serenade taste? Conductor and chef team up to find out

IAA Band conductor Matthew Schlomer.
Credit U-W Madison School of Music

A good meal can become a great meal if the restaurant has the right ambiance. That’s what chefs say at least. Good music, for example, can improve the experience of eating.

But what about the other way around? Can good food improve the experience of listening to good music?

An Interlochen conductor and a chef are teaming up in Traverse City to find out.

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Live from Studio A
1:12 pm
Mon November 17, 2014

Tone to Table: food and music, intertwined

Tone to Table, IAA Band with Black Star Farms. Front row: Nancy Stagnitta, Matt Schlomer. Middle row percussionists (L-R): Joshua Pearlmutter, Stephen Karukas, Adriano Macciocchi, Miyu Morita. In the back, from Black Star Farms: Stephanie Lee Wiitala, Jonathan Dayton and Esme!

You've probably listened to some tunes while making dinner - but how often have you based the menu directly on the music? IAA Band Conductor Dr. Matthew Schlomer and Black Star Farms Chef Jonathan Dayton put their heads together for an innovative project that does just that.

"Tone to Table," a collaboration between Interlochen Arts Academy and Black Star Farms, is an upcoming event exploring the connections between food and music - compositional "ingredients" taking on new depth as they relate to one another.

Chef Dayton, along with Black Star's Stephanie Lee Wiitala, came together with Dr. Schlomer to create an event based on the interplay of music and food. On November 20th, diners can experience that exchange, with music provided by IAA, and food by Black Star Farms. The menu has a, "Landscapes," theme, and follows many layers of that idea - everything from outdoor landscapes to landscapes within - what Dr. Schlomer calls, "ideal urges," and, "primal urges."

We were treated to a performance and discussion of those, "primal urges," in Studio A. IAA Flute Instructor Nancy Stagnitta was the soloist, with a group of IAA percussion students (Joshua Pearlmutter, Stephen Karukas, Adriano Macciocchi and Miyu Morita), performing samples of Andre Jolivet's, "Suite en Concert." The piece is based on ancient sounds and ideas - flute and drum are the oldest musical instruments known to man. Chef Dayton discussed how the primal sound and differing textures influenced his dish, from ingredients to  plating.

It was a fun, interesting discussion (we even talked about how Chef Dayton changed a sauce because it was too, "creamy," for its accompanying composition), interspersed with fascinating music, but be warned: it might make you hungry!

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3:45 pm
Tue November 11, 2014

Interlochen students honor veterans

Credit Terri McCarthy

The Interlochen Center for the Arts marked Veterans Day with a special tribute.

Student trumpeters began playing taps across Interlochen’s campus at 11 a.m. exactly. It’s a tribute to veterans that began more than 10 years ago.

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