Morgan Springer

Last month, a crane tipped over at a large construction project at St. Marys Cement Plant in Charlevoix. No one was hurt, but a disagreement has unfolded between people who think the incident is a fluke and people who say it’s one of many safety issues.

The Mackinac Bridge will be largely closed to vehicle traffic the morning of Labor Day.

It’s an additional security measure adopted by a unanimous vote of the Mackinac Bridge Authority to help ensure the safety of people attending the annual bridge walk amid concerns of terrorism.

Nova Stubbs

There are 109 people certified to sell wild mushrooms in Michigan this year. That’s after the state offered classes for foragers to get certified to sell.

Chris Wright, executive director of Midwest American Mycological Information, offers the certification classes. He says the classes have leveled the playing field. Before they became available in the past year, it wasn't clear how foragers could meet state certification requirements. So a lot of them didn't.

Walking through an empty parking structure or some public place that isn’t crowded or well-lit can inspire the imagination and bring on a case of the creeps.

It can make people feel the place is unsafe, even when there’s no evidence.