37th State Senate District

Mike Estes

The Mayor of Traverse City has endorsed Greg MacMaster in the race for Michigan’s 37th Senate District.

Mike Estes likes MacMaster’s commitment to fix Michigan’s roads without raising taxes or charging new fees. Estes believes new revenue will eventually be needed to fix the state’s roads, but he says the first steps should be to work within the current budget.

Peter Payette

Republican lawmakers announced a proposal Thursday to spend more money on Michigan’s roads and bridges.

Everybody agrees Michigan’s roads are in horrendous shape, but the full cost of tackling the problem is large, in the billions of dollars. Addressing such an expensive problem is difficult, especially in an election year.

To see the problem firsthand, drive down Doerr Road in Antrim County. Drive in the middle because the edges are crumbling away.

Disagreements among conservatives will be on display in a northern Michigan primary during the coming year. Two experienced Republican lawmakers are running for the 37th state senate seat. The recent Medicaid vote is already emerging as a central issue in a race that will highlight some of the differences between Governor Snyder and the right wing of his party.