Submit Your Greeting For The Kids' Commute

Nov 5, 2013

Are you tuned in to Classical IPR weekday mornings around 7:40 for the Kids' Commute?  We start out the Kids' Commute with the voices it's intended for - kids!  We'd love to hear more of your voices.  

Here's how to hear YOUR voice on the Kids' Commute:

  1. SUBMIT YOUR OWN RECORDING.  Record your Kids' Commute greeting on a cell phone or computer microphone, and send the audio file as an e-mail attachment to: .
  2. LEAVE YOUR RECORDING ON OUR VOICE MAIL! Call IPR at 1-800-441-9422 and ask to be transferred to Kate Botello's voice mail.  Leave your Kids' Commute greeting as a recording, and we'll take care of the rest.

What should your greeting say?

"Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME], I'm [YOUR AGE] years old, and you're listening to The Kids' Commute on Interlochen Public Radio!"

Don't worry if you goof up or it isn't perfect - we'll take care of all of that.  Parents - sometimes it helps to have kids say the phrases a few words at a time, especially if they're very small.  Don't worry about long pauses in between - we can put them all together into one phrase.