Radio Diaries: Being Loved

Apr 24, 2017

My first year in college I met a fellow who was a couple years older—a good-looking, take-charge kind of guy who made me feel special and cherished.  Soon, he persuaded me to go steady and then began talking marriage.

I was dazzled by his attention—so dazzled that I couldn’t see clearly, couldn’t see him at all—his interests and goals—and whether we were really compatible.  But I convinced myself that I loved him—and much later realized I was only in love with being loved.

That was long ago—and now I have two young granddaughters who are very interested in love—especially the romantic kind.  I told them about this experience with the fellow in college, how flattered I was and how foolish.  “What did you do?”  they asked.

“I finally ended it,” I said. “Much later than I should have—and regret how I hurt him.”

One of these granddaughters announced a few months later that she had broken up with a boy she’d been dating.  “I remembered your story,” she said, “about being in love with being loved.”

We nodded together.  “It’s pretty seductive,” I said.  Then we laughed a little.  Cried a little.