In race for governor, Whitmer snags former Gov. Blanchard’s support

Sep 14, 2017
Originally published on April 10, 2018 4:42 pm

Gretchen Whitmer is one of the most well-known candidates among the Democrats who are vying to become Michigan’s next governor.

The former state Senate minority leader is viewed by many as a front-runner in the race.

Now James Blanchard, former Michigan governor, is endorsing Whitmer as his choice for the position.

"Gretchen has experience to make Michigan work again. She's produced results. For example, playing a key role in providing health care by helping lead the effort to expand Medicaid," Blanchard said. 

The former governor also cited Whitmer’s record on jobs, education, and infrastructure among his reasons for the endorsement. 

"She's just a great Michigan product, as we say,” he said. “She will give us a new spirit in Lansing, a new energy."

Listen above to hear why Blanchard thinks Whitmer "has the right stuff." 

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