PLAY NOW: Krista Cooper, Traverse Symphony Orchestra

Jul 18, 2014

Krista Cooper, Executive Director of the Traverse Symphony Orchestra, shares some of her favorite classical music with us

There's more to a Symphony Orchestra than musicians - somebody's got to keep everything ticking behind the scenes! Executive Director Krista Cooper helps keep the Traverse Symphony Orchestra running like clockwork.  Krista prefers to be behind the scenes (even though she's secretly an accomplished opera singer! Shhh...), but we managed to get her in front of a microphone, sharing some of her favorite music with us.  

Hear Krista and her music in the interview below, or click, "Read more," to listen all the music in one playlist.

Krista's immersed in classical music all day and night, and she brought us some beautiful choices.  Sometimes music reminds her of food, so we had some fun deciding what certain pieces, "tasted," like.  After the show, we were hungry.  Some of this music is so delicious, you might want to listen with a snack nearby.


Listen on Spotify, below, or click here (links to the web player; opens a new browser window. Account required (free).


  1.  Prokofiev, Piano Concerto No. 3, Op. 26, 1st Movement (in studio, we heard Ralph Votapek, playing piano with the TSO)
  2. Svendsen, Romance
  3. Tchaikovsky, String Quartet No. 2, 1st Movement
  4. Mozart, "L'amero, saro costante"
  5. Massenet, Thais: Meditation
  6. Beethoven, Symphony No. 5, 1st Movement
  7. Rachmaninoff, Vocalise
  8. Mozart, Marriage of Figaro Overture