PLAY NOW: Dinner with that Nice Couple from the Office

Aug 22, 2014

PLAY NOW! Dinner With That Nice Couple From the Office

Making some new acquaintances, and still in that getting-to-know-you phase?  Perhaps you're having some delightful people over but don't know yet if they'd dig your massive collection of rare acid jazz. We've found some eclectic, fun, modern-ish tunes to hang out in the background and be friendly, without hampering your scintillating dinner conversation (but if the socializing's not going so well, you can always talk about the music!).


Listen on Spotify, below, or click here (links to the web player; opens a new browser window. Account required (free).

  1. Opening theme/La Dolce Vita/Rota
  2. Anything Goes/Porter/Grappelli, Ma
  3. Moods of a New Yorker/After Theatre Tango/Confrey
  4. Il Gattopardo/Mazurka/Rota
  5. Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard/Simon, Vitamin String Quartet
  6. Ljova/Culai 1/The Game
  7. Libertango/Piazolla/Swingle Singers
  8. Solace/Joplin
  9. Quintet/Scherzo/Francaix
  10. The Chairman's Waltz/Memoirs of a Geisha/Williams
  11. Ljova/Culai 3/The Song
  12. Jazz Suite No. 2/Waltz #2/Shostakovich
  13. Wisecracker Suite/Mighty Lackawanna, Sheriff's Lament/Confrey
  14. Por Una Cabeza-La Cumparsita/Scent of a Woman/Gardel, Rodriguez
  15. Modern Love Waltz/Glass
  16. Tahiti Trot-Tea for Two/Youman-Shostakovich
  17. Histoire du Tango/Cafe 1960/Piazzolla
  18. Chanson du Gitano/Gottschalk
  19. Angry Birds Theme/Dubeau/La Pieta
  20. It's Only a Paper Moon/Arlen/Weinstein
  21. Je te veux/Satie
  22. Blue Tango/Anderson
  23. Flute Sonata/Allegro malincolico/Poulenc
  24. Jazz Suite No. 1/Waltz/Shostakovich
  25. English Suite No. 2 in A minor/JS Bach/Swingle Singers
  26. 4 Piezas, No. 1 & 2/Caleseras (Homenaje a Chueca), Fandango del ventorillo/Rodrigo
  27. Less is Moi/Goat Rodeo
  28. If You Were Here/Thompson Twins/Vitamin String Quartet
  29. Armenian Folk Songs-Festive Song/Brooklyn Rider
  30. Finale/La Dolce Vita/Rota