Kids' Commute: Weird Instruments - Hurdy-Gurdy

May 5, 2015

Learn about "Weird Instruments" this week on Kids' Commute!

This week on Kids’ Commute, get ready for some weirdness! From the Sackbut, to the Hurdy-Gurdy, to the Theremin, we’re going to have fun exploring some of the craziest and weirdest instruments on the planet! 

Are you ready to get “weirded out?!”

The hurdy-gurdy is another very old instrument. It was popular during the Renaissance Period about 500 years ago. It is a crazy looking instrument! In a weird way, it’s kind of a combination between a fiddle, an accordion, and a music box.   

Did you know the hurdy-gurdy kind of sounds like a bagpipe. In fact, you can play any bagpipe music with a hurdy-gurdy because it sounds so similar.


Take a look at this video. It’ll give you an idea of what a hurdy-gurdy looks like:

Music piece for today:
Sonata for Hurdy-Gurdy by Charles Buterne

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