Kids' Commute: Weird Instruments - Didgeridoo

May 8, 2015

Learn about "Weird Instruments" this week on Kids' Commute!

This week on Kids’ Commute, get ready for some weirdness! From the Sackbut, to the Hurdy-Gurdy, to the Theremin, to the Didgeridoo, we’re going to have fun exploring some of the craziest and weirdest instruments on the planet! 

Are you ready to get “weirded out?!”

The didgeridoo is the oldest instrument we’ve highlighted this week. Native Australians called aborigines invented the didgeridoo over 1500 years ago. 


The didgeridoo is basically a log, anywhere from 3-10 feet long. The aborigines would go hunting for logs hollowed out by termites. Once the log is completely hollowed out, a wax mouthpiece is put on one end. 

Do you remember from past weeks on Kids’ Commute, when Abigail Rowland and Brett Kelly told us how to play the trumpet and trombone? That’s right, you’ve got to “buzz” your lips into the mouthpiece. Turns out that’s kind of similar to how you play the didgeridoo. You have got to create the sounds with your lips, tongue, and voicebox.

Watch didgeridoo master David Hudson in video below, to get an even better idea of how to play the instrument:

Do you didgeridoo, or do you didgeridon't?

Music piece for today:
Territorial Fight by David Hudson

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