Kids' Commute Video Game Week: "Soil your plants!"

Mar 6, 2015

Get your game ears on, during Video Game Week on Kids' Commute!

On Kids’ Commute this week, we’re exploring the world of video game music! 

We might not always notice it, but music plays an really important role in making video games so enjoyable. Video Game music, like movie soundtracks, really helps you get in the moment and feel what’s happening on screen. Are you ready to go gaming with Kate Botello? Just click the “play” button below to begin your journey!


Today, we’re going to listen to the music for the game Plants vs. Zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies is a game where you try to protect yourself from hungry zombies. Your defense from the zombies are plants. Now, the zombies can access your house from five or six “lanes” through your yard. You must defend these lanes with plants that shoot peas, exploding potato mines, and watermelon catapults. The idea is to grow enough plants on your lawn to destroy all the zombies before they eat your brains. Quick! Get planting!

Composer Laura Shigihara wrote music that was catchy, silly, and just a little bit spooky. Today’s piece, called, Grasswalk, is the music that plays while you’re planting the weapon plants in your yard. Keep your ears open...can you hear the hungry zombies in the background? 

Music for today:
Grasswalk by Dren McDonald and The String Arcade

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Here’s a quick peek at Plants vs. Zombies