Kids' Commute: Summer week - Piazzolla

May 28, 2015

Celebrate summer this week on Kids' Commute!
Credit Carpe Diem Photography

It’s summer week on Kids’ Commute! Throughout the week, we’ll be celebrating summer with the music of Antonio Vivaldi, Ástor Piazzolla, and Alexander Glazunov. All these composers wrote specific, compositions about the sunny, warm season. Are you ready for summer?

Like we did during “Spring has sprung” week here on the Kids’ Commute, we are once again going to take a trip south to the beautiful capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires. 

Ástor Piazzolla is a very famous composer of tango music. Tango music is a form of dance music that originated in South America. 


In 1965, Piazzolla wrote Verano Porteño. He wanted to celebrate Vivaldi’s Four Seasons but with an Argentinian tango twist. 

“Verano” means “summer,” while “porteño” means “people who live in a port city,” such as Buenos Aires. This means there are lots of boats and ships coming in and out of the ports of the city. Because of this, the people of Buenos Aires are often called “porteños.” 

Remember, the tango rhythm always goes like this:
“BA-DUM, bum, bum, bum, BA-DUM, bum, bum, bum, BA-DUM…” and so on. 

Can you pick out the tango rhythm in this piece? Be sure to also listen for any hints of Vivaldi sprinkled in the music, as a tribute!

Music piece for today:
“Verano Porteño” by Kremerata Baltica

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