Kids' Commute: Summer week - Glazunov

May 29, 2015

Celebrate summer this week on Kids' Commute!
Credit Carpe Diem Photography

It’s summer week on Kids’ Commute! 
Throughout the week, we’ll be celebrating summer with the music of Antonio Vivaldi, Ástor Piazzolla, and Alexander Glazunov. All these composers wrote specific, compositions about the sunny, warm season. Are you ready for summer.

Today, we’re celebrating summer in Russia. Around 1900, Alexander Glazunov composed a ballet called, The Seasons, which celebrates the four different seasons of the year. Of course today, we will hear the Summer movement. 


Now to set the scene, there are some characters hanging out in the Summer section of this ballet. There are cornflowers and poppies, some water fairies, a corn fairy, satyrs, fauns, and a zephyr. Now, a satyr is a person who is about three-quarters human, and one-quarter horse. A faun is a person who is half  human, and half goat. Finally, a zephyr is the wind.

So all these creatures are hanging around in the warm sunshine. But when the satyrs and the fauns start roughhousing with the corn fairy, the zephyr saves the day and rescues the corn fairy! 

Can you imagine all the fairies dancing and playing in the sunshine?

Music piece for today:
Summer from The Seasons performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and conducted by José Serebrier

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