Kids' Commute Rossini Overture Week: La Cenerentola

Apr 16, 2015

Learn about Gioachino Rossini and his Overtures!

This week on Kids’ Commute, we are exploring the overtures of Gioachino Rossini! 

The Italian composer wrote some famous operas, sacred music, chamber music, songs, and other instrumental and piano pieces. Now just to remind you, the an overture is the first thing you hear before an opera, for instance. It gives you the musical sense of what you’re about to hear, often containing little themes from the music in the main opera. 


In today’s episode, we’re going to learn about “La Cenerentola,” also known as “Cinderella.” 

In this opera, Rossini had to get creative and come up with a slightly different version of the story. You see, his opera company couldn’t afford the special “magic” effects like pumpkins turning into glass coaches, and fairy godmothers. So he changed the story slightly, so it didn’t have any magic in it.

Another slightly different take on this version is that everyone has a “happily ever after” ending- even her cruel step-sisters, and in this version, her stepfather. Cinderella forgives them, and asks that her prince forgive them as well.

What do you think of Cinderella’s kindness? 

Music piece for today:
“La Cenerentola - Overture” by The Montréal Symphony Orchestra

Here's a look at "La Cenerentola" opera:

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