Kids' Commute - Oscars Week: Swimming with Selkies

Feb 19, 2015

It's Oscars Week on the Kids' Commute! Today: "Song of the Sea".

This week on Kids' Commute, we are celebrating the upcoming Oscars! 

The Oscars are awards given to the past year’s best movies. The winners are revealed in an award ceremony called, The Academy Awards. 

So, we’re going to have a listen to the music for the five movies nominated for the Animated Feature Film Award. Today: Song of the Sea!


Song of the Sea is a beautifully, hand-drawn, animated adventure which takes inspiration from Irish folklore. The movie is centered around Selkies- mythological creatures which are part seal, and part human!
Following the mysterious disappearance of their mother, Ben and Saoirse are forced to leave their coastal home to live in the city with their grandmother. The two siblings soon run away in an attempt to get back to their father and beloved sheepdog. Along the way they encounter an array of whimsical friends and enemies, realizing the mythical tales their mother used to tell them, are indeed real.

The Song of the Sea soundtrack is a compilation work from several composers. They collaborated to create an emotionally fitting score for the fairytale like film. Blending beautiful melodies with soft Gaelic lyrics, it immediately transports listeners to faraway lands, mythical creatures, and exciting adventures!

Can you imagine what you would do if the fairytales your mother told you, were real?  

Song for today:
1. Katy’s Tune

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Here’s a trailer for Song of the Sea