Kids' Commute: Mother Goose Suite - Pavane of Sleeping Beauty

May 18, 2015

Learn about the Maurice Ravel's "Mother Goose Suite," this week on the Kids' Commute!

  This week on the Kids’ Commute, we’re exploring the Mother Goose Suite, by Maurice Ravel. We’ll hear David Ogden Stiers narrate some of the text from the stories of Mother Goose, and get to listen to the music associated with each story...Sleeping Beauty, Tom Thumb, Beauty and the Beast, and more! 

So, are you ready for some stories? 

French composer Maurice Ravel wrote the Mother Goose Suite in 1910. He took several fairy tales, and then wrote the related music not for children to just listen to, but to perform. The suite was originally written as a piano duet for two children named Mimi and Jean, ages 6 and 7.


Today, we begin by listening to some music from the Pavane of Sleeping Beauty. It’s the story about Princess Aurora who pricks her finger on a spindle and then falls asleep for 100 years. The prince then battles through the wall of thorns that has grown around her castle and gives her a kiss to wake her up.

In case you’re wondering, “Pavane” is a very old, very stately dance. 

Let’s listen to David Ogden Stiers narrate a little bit of Sleeping Beauty for us, and then we’ll hear the music to go along with the story!

Music piece for today:
Pavane of Sleeping Beauty by Maurice Ravel, performed by Nina Flyer, and Chie Nagatani

You might enjoy watching this short video of Sleeping Beauty. Check it out!

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