Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District

The Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District plans to give out fewer dollars this year to local schools, like Traverse City Area Public Schools, for special education.

This funding is extra money for schools, drawn from the Intermediate School District's fund balance – and doesn't affect the many services provided to school districts by the ISD.

But Paul Soma, superintendent of Traverse City Area Public Schools, says the ISD is not giving enough money to local schools.

He says the ISD is sitting on tens of million of dollars, which should be spent on special education classrooms.

"Our fundamental issue is that those dollars are not serving the needs of the children of our region while they're sitting in a bank account of the ISD," says Soma.

Tom Carr

Traverse City has a tech sector, but Mike Groleau says it's somewhat hidden.

“There are a surprising number of software companies in our area that you may not even think of as being active in software,” Groleau says.

Groleau is co-owner of R J G Incorporated, which helps plastics molders improve their manufacturing methods.

He employs nine software developers, jobs that get classified under the less sexy heading “manufacturing.”

A big church in Traverse City is about to become part of a bigger church from metro Detroit. Bay Pointe Community Church announced Sunday that it will be “adopted” by the Troy-based Kensington Church.

Kensington says the new church will be called “Kensington Traverse City” and will act as a “hub” for more churches in northern Michigan.

Bay Pointe founder and pastor Nick Twomey will be replaced by Pastor Steve Andrews from Kensington. Twomey founded Bay Pointe in 1998.

The Cornucopia star: this week on The Night Sky

Nov 23, 2015

We all know that as a civic tradition, Thanksgiving originated as a way to show gratitude for the bounty that was shared with the early Europeans when they traveled to this strange new land~but did you know that the cornucopia, or horn of plenty that is used to decorate this season is actually connected to the stars, not just to national history?

The cornucopia star is Capella, the first magnitude star in the constellation Auriga.  You can find Capella high in the northeast about 8:30 each night this week, unmistakable because it’s the brightest star in that region of the sky.

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