Arrow to the sun

Jun 29, 2015
Patricia DeLisa

There's a terrific tale from the Pueblo people of the southwest region that can easily be linked to what's happening with Venus and Jupiter in the sky this week!

Levi Meeuwenberg and his fiancé Brenda Baran, of Realeyes Homestead in Traverse City.
Christopher Chemsak

In 2006, Levi Meeuwenberg left Michigan to perform and tour with Madonna as a parkour artist. 

Yes, the Madonna.

Singer's sorrow makes the joy richer

Jun 25, 2015
Jetty Rae sits with her 18-month year old son, Beck.
Daniel Wanschura


This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the Big Ticket Festival, in Gaylord, Michigan. The music festival features over 60 artists spread out over 6 stages. 

One of the artists performing on the main stage Friday, is Charlevoix resident, Jetty Rae.

Aaron Selbig

If you’ve picked up a box of fresh strawberries recently from a local grocery store, there’s a good chance they were handpicked by a migrant farm worker.

The workers have been coming up from their homes in Mexico or Texas for generations. But in recent years, local farmers have noticed there are fewer workers coming to northern Michigan. They’re saying the problem is likely to get much worse.

Steve Bardenhagen grew up on his family’s farm in Leelanau County.

IPR's summer drive starts today!

Jun 25, 2015

To say thank you to YOU, our listeners, IPR is holding a drawing for a new bicycle as part of this summer's fund drive.  Tune in now for details or call 800.442.9422.