Community Advisory Council

NEXT MEETING:  July 25th, 2017 at 11:00 am in the Mallory-Towsley Center at Interlochen Center for the Arts

Interlochen Public Radio on the campus of Interlochen Center for the Arts

Advisory boards are required of most public broadcasting stations, to help stations serve their community effectively.  Members of the IPR Community Advisory Council are appointed by the IPR Executive Director and existing members of the Advisory Council and may serve two two-year terms.

Guiding Principles

The IPR Community Advisory Council purpose is to engage members of the community in carrying out the station’s mission:

Interlochen’s radio stations enrich ever-growing communities of listeners through excellent music and news program services.

Council members generously volunteer their time and effort to help the station. Members share a strong interest in, and affection for, public radio in general and Interlochen Public Radio, and its role in today’s media landscape, in particular.

The Council meets at least three times per year and is composed of individuals who are representative of the diverse needs and interests of the station's listening base. 

The Council's primary functions include:

  • Assisting station staff in seeking and maintaining strong relationships with community partners.
  • Advise station staff of more effective ways to serve the community as a public radio service.
  • Review station programming.
  • Participating in and serving as advisors in strategic planning.
  • Working actively as ambassadors for the station in the community by being well informed on IPR's mission, programming, strengths, and challenges.

The role of the Council is purely advisory. Fiduciary responsibility and governance of IPR rests ultimately with the Interlochen Center for the Arts Board of Trustees.

Meetings of the IPR Community Advisory Council are open to the public. Meetings are announced on the air and on the station’s website. Records of meetings are also posted on the IPR website. Certain meetings or portions of meetings may be closed in order to address confidential information or proprietary matters.

IPR Community Advisory Council Members (2017):

Peter Bergin of Traverse City. Peter Bergin is a pianist and vocalist whose refined singing and energetic ragtime has entertained audiences for over 25 years. His second term on the Council expires in 2017.

Marcia Curran of Frankfort. Marcia Curran has worked as a staff member in the U.S. House and Senate, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the State Department, and served for twelve years on the board of the local land conservancy. Her first term on the Council expires in 2019.

Robert H. (Bob) Giles of Traverse City. Bob Giles is the former editor and publisher of the Detroit News and former Curator of the Nieman Foundation of Journalism at Harvard University. His first term on the Council expires in 2018.

Nancy Giles of Traverse City. Nancy Giles is a licensed psychologist specializing in trauma treatment. Her first term on the Council expires in 2018.

Charles (Charlie) MacInnis of Harbor Springs. Charlie MacInnis is a member of the Emmet County Board of Commissioners and a consultant for the Michigan Association of School Boards. His second term on the Council expires in 2017.

John Martin McDonald of Frankfort.  John McDonald is the founder of Caeli Communications, a strategic communications consultancy specializing in crisis management and communications leadership.

Karen Puschel Segal of Traverse City. Karen Puschel is a retired diplomat and Co-Chair of the International Affairs Forum in Traverse City. Her second term on the Council expires in 2017.

Tom Quinn of Manistee. Tom Quinn is the former tax counsel of two large life insurance companies and spends part of the year in Manistee and St. Pete Beach, FL. His second term on the Council expires in 2017.

Evy Kaplan Sussman of Northport. Evy Sussman is an Interlochen Arts Camp alumna (‘53, ‘54, ‘57) camp staff ('73-'78, retired special education teacher and cellist, and an active volunteer and crafter in Leelanau County. Her first term on the Council expires in 2018.

Whitney Waara of Traverse City. Whitney Waara is a non-profit and small business consultant, a Business Planning and Analytics Consultant for Public Media Company, and the former Vice President for Operations of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Her second term on the Council expires in 2019.

Isaiah Wunsch of Traverse City.  Isaiah Wunsch is a cherry and apple farmer and agribusiness consultant from Traverse City, as well as a Peninsula Township trustee.  He spent his early career working in policy and economic development in Lansing.

Suzy Voltz of Frankfort. Suzy Voltz been associated with Sleeping Bear Realty for 38 years, and began underwriting with IPR in 1987 with Saturday morning “Music by Request” hosted by Ed Catton. Her second term on the Council expires in 2017.