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Irredeemable, episode 3: Tortured choice

(Editor’s note: we recommend you listen to the story.) In March 2001, Fred Williams left his friend Tanya Davis’ house to get groceries. He was 17 and living on the west side of Detroit. Fred says he weighed two options before he left.

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Welcome to Day Two of Young Voices Week on IPR's Kids Commute - classical music for kids! This week, we are celebrating young voices from around the world! 

The music throughout the week will feature children’s choirs singing songs from different cultures and in different languages.

Today, American composer Stephen Hatfield celebrates the power of women's voices with, "Uberlebensgross," which means, "larger than life."

Tuesday, October 10, 2017, Ep. 26
Stephen Hatfield
Boston Children's Chorus

Here's today's Kids Commute:


A ballot initiative aims to change the way Michigan draws the boundaries of legislative districts following the census. 

Redistricting can have a big impact on the state’s politics by affecting the demographics of districts. Right now, state lawmakers are in charge of drawing the maps for state and congressional districts.

Ron Scherl for San Francisco Opera

This Saturday at 1 p.m., Classical IPR presents an archival production of Richard Strauss' "Arabella" from San Francisco Opera.

The production stars Kiri Te Kanawa, Michael Ballam, Alexander Malta and John Brandstetter.

The full schedule of this season's American Opera Series broadcasts is available by clicking here. Classical IPR broadcasts each opera on Saturday afternoons starting at 1 p.m.

The monarch butterfly migration has been terrific this year, so I’ve been researching stories and constellations to see if I could find some way to tie the migration into “The Storyteller’s Night Sky”, but try as I might, there’s nothing specific.

Radio Diaries: Old Words

Oct 9, 2017

There was a time when a browser was someone looking around a store, when a server was someone taking your order, and when Spam was a food you didn’t request.  Nowadays, however, those words are more likely to refer to the Internet.

There was even a time when the word “Internet” was new.  So was email, blog, broadband, download, hashtag.  And while I welcome these new words—and the technologies they describe—it makes me yearn for some of the old words I don’t hear anymore.  Words my grandparents used.

Welcome to Young Voices Week on IPR's Kids Commute - Classical Music for Kids!  

This week on Kids’ Commute, we are celebrating young voices from around the world.

The music throughout the week will feature children’s choirs singing songs from different cultures and in different languages.

Today, we'll meet the wonderful Young People's Chorus of NYC performing a song about a brave mongoose - Riki Tikki Tavi!

Monday, October 9, 2017
Riki Rikki Tavi by Faraualla
Young People's Chorus of NYC
Francisco Nuñez, Director

Here's today's Kids Commute:


National Gallery of Art

Thanks to listeners in Suttons Bay, Platte Lake, Harbor Springs, Mesick, and many other places for your requests this week.

1. Steven Warbeck, end credits from Shakespeare in Love; original motion picture soundtrack

2. Martin Luther, A Mighty Fortress is Our God; National Philharmonic Orchestra/Ambrosian Singers/Charles Gerhard/Leontyne Price

3. Brodzsky & Webster, I’ll Walk with God; Mario Lanza

4. John Williams, Leaving Home from Superman; original motion picture soundtrack.

5. Hector Berlioz, Roman Carnival Overture; Erich Kunzel/Cincinnati Pops

Grupo Ayé is a Cuban salsa band from Grand Rapids. They perform in Traverse City on Satruday night.
Grupo Ayé

Grupo Ayé is a Cuban salsa band from Grand Rapids. And even if you don’t know how to dance, there’s at least one guy who thinks you won’t be able to help yourself when you hear their music.

“You have to dance to this music,” says Robert Mulligan, the band’s founder. “When you hear it, your body just naturally wants to move.”

Classical and folk music continue to intermingle in fascinating ways. The intersections stretch back far beyond Bach, who cleverly slipped a German folk song into his Goldberg Variations. Later, composers like Ralph Vaughan Williams and Béla Bartók combed the countryside, collecting tunes from villagers.

Welcome to Day Five of Autumn Week on IPR's Kids Commute - classical music for kids!

Today, we'll go on an 18th Century hunting trip with Antonio Vivaldi's final movement of Autumn from The Four Seasons.

Friday, October 6, 2017
The Four Seasons, Autumn, Allegro 
Antonio Vivaldi

Here's today's Kids Commute:


Classical IPR Featured New Release

Brahms: The Piano Trios

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